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Webcomics Part II

Recommendations from the other half of the awesome Bat Cave Double. ^_^

Ongoing Comics:
Grim Tales from Down Below- A fancomic from a mix of cartoons, mainly "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", but also "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Danny Phantom"
Megatokyo- Zombies, magical girls, and all the wonders of Japan. Has gotten emo pretty recently, but if you've never read it you should check it out.
Misfile- My favorite comic. :D Due to a misfile in heaven, one girl loses the last year of her life, and a guy ends up a girl. Lots of stuff about car racing and updates every weekday.
Slightly Damned- Bunny-thing Rhea dies, but end up in the "slightly damned" portion of hell, where she meets Buwaro, a very stupid demon who's adorable beyond reason.
Sins- The seven deadly sins run amuck. Very funny.
Sugar Bits- Still not sure what exactly this is about, but the main character is the Gingerbread man, and he's one of a group of elite warriors.
The Wotch- Too lazy to explain, so here's the intro video for the comic. :D (Note: video animation is not the usual style of the comic.)
Khaos Komix- Another gay/trans comic.
Mistakes of Youth- Anime-based comic. Do not read unless you understand otaku culture.
Gunnerkrigg Court- School in England with magic and monsters and crazy technology.
Unshelved- Your library in comic form.
Twokinds- Evil sorceror and furries. (No NSFW furries though. ^^)
Gill- More of a regular comic-strip style funny comic.
Allan- Daily autobiography of a kid in California who wears a hat.

Completed/Eternal Hiatus Comics:
Abstract Gender- Two guys get snatched up at night, one becomes a girl, the other gets magical guy to girl and back to guy powers. Hasn't updated since last fall, but still a really enjoyable comic.
Boy Meets Boy- Title is self explanatory. :D
Kid Radd- Sprite comic. So what happens to those characters in video games when you stop playing for years on end? Includes one of my favorite characters, Hayabusa the Jewish Ninja.
RPG World- Think Final Fantasy, but with really really stupid main chracter. Oh wait...
Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi- Awesome comic, will be off hiatus soon.


I've been reading webcomics as procrastination...and Jill said we should post recs. So here are mine so far...

Am reading...
Girl Genius - Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy. VERY GOOD. READ IT.
Buck Godot - By the same people as Girl Genius, Sci-Fi film noir-ish comic
Alpha Shade - Fantasy/Steampunk/Sci-Fi/Political/War Drama comic
Fey Winds - Funny cute fantasy adventure story
The Zombie Hunters - Just started reading this about half an hour ago, title is self explanatory.
XKCD - Geeky stick figure comic. I assume most of you already read this.

My to read/try/start reading again list...
Questionable Content
Slightly Dammed
Gunnerkrigg Court
Order of the Stick
Errant Story
Dominic Deegan
...yae/nae votes on these would be nice if any of you have read them.
We've got forums for it.

Click the link! Read the FAQ! Sign up! Get involved!

Any questions, grab me at dinner or get in contact with me- it's on my profile page. Crossposted to the other Doublestar comm, will bother Amanda later to put this on the DS mailing list.

Western comics...

...of which I have read little but urge every one to read Fables (Swat has all of it in the Tri-Co), Runaways (I have Vol. 1-3 to lend), Sandman (which I need to read more), and Watchmen (which I need to finish).

Any more recommendations?


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